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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

solutions to orchestrate your manufacturing processes and stay one step ahead of production capacities, customer demands, and unexpected changes.

Long-term precision

Advanced long-term planning enhances enterprise-level strategic decision-making. It optimizes resources such as time, materials, and labour well in advance, maintaining flexibility to adjust plans as needed across your organization. By implementing a pilot project using existing ERP data it is possible to preview outcomes and address challenges early, ensuring a seamless transition. Our customized solutions can be scaled up with a product suite that evolves with your business growth.

Clear process oversight

Intelligent scheduling elevates manufacturing efficiency to the next level. The solution streamlines production flows by using multi-constraint algorithms and realistic work-order scheduling. With every phase clearly visible, it is easier to identify bottlenecks and refine processes, and keep operations running smoothly, while cutting costs and delays. Advanced what-if analysis identifies potential issues early, facilitating proactive adjustments and ensuring confident decision-making.

Data-driven decisions

Planning and scheduling software seamlessly integrates with various business and production systems both above and below, bridging the gap between ERP at the organisational level and MES at the production level to enhance efficiency. In companies lacking vertical integration, it serves as a foundational element. This allows for optimal use of all data for strategic business decisions. Expert support ensures you're well-prepared before the system goes live.

Integrated automation

Our manufacturing improvements go beyond digital, offering horizontally integrated systems that seamlessly work with leading industry hardware and software. We deliver tailored solutions that cover everything from process analysis to the development of advanced machinery and automation, including AGVs, smart devices, and complete automated production lines. This integration enhances efficiency, especially when combined with an automated factory floor.
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Production Planning

Strategic decision support tool

Opcenter Planning is a strategic decision tool designed to aid you in long- and mid-term planning. It considers forecasts and long-term orders, supports decision making about the feasibility and affects the general direction of productions. Opcenter Planning supports major production capacity decisions surrounding workforce expansion, resource capacity, and factories. It helps you determine what and how much to make, where and when to make it, and exactly what materials and resources are required.

Opcenter Planning can be integrated with many different ERP systems. The integration can range from simple file transfer to database structures and web services. We have successfully integrated Opcenter Scheduling with both global industry standard ERP systems and ones specific to local markets.


Key Functionalities

Make-to-order planning

In a make-to-order environment, stock levels of finished and intermediate items will not be part of the key process parameters, but you will still need to evaluate the effects of future demand changes on the manufacturing process.

Make-to-stock planning

In a make-to-stock environment, you can generate accurate and achievable Master Production Schedules (MPS) considering rough cut capacity, pack forward figures, target days of stock cover, manufacturing preferences, and other.

BoM level planning

BoM can be exploded, and then the production plan for lower-level items is calculated in the same way. Based on the BoM explosion and the production plan, proposed material purchase requirements can be exported to an ERP.

Schedule visualization

Master Production Schedule (MPS) data can be displayed as stock profile graphs and capacity usage graphs. The MPS can be changed with simple click and drag function in a graph and the production will be moved from one period to another.

Production Scheduling

Tactical decision support tool

Opcenter Scheduling is a is an interactive, multi-constraint scheduling system that provides support for decision-making for overtime, order prioritization, production batches, due date negotiation and order processing. It gives you greater visibility and control, which enables you to increase resource utilization and on-time delivery while reducing inventory levels and waste.

Opcenter Scheduling is compatible with all major ERP and MES systems, as well as allowing for integration with more specific and customised systems using industry standard protocols. We are experienced in all forms of integration, from simple file transfer to database structures and web services.


Key Functionalities

Material constraint

Opcenter Scheduling allows you to connect orders together so it can consider real constraints and unexpected delays automatically. It ensures that only when materials are available can the consuming orders connect with them.

Sequencing optimization

Opcenter Scheduling has enhanced functionality to deal with complex scheduling problems. It offers additional optimizations rules that can be further customized for each and every application.

Efficiency measurement

Opcenter Scheduling provides a set of standard and custom reports and graphical KPIs. Different levels of aggregation such as resource, work center, shop floor, and plant-level are available.

Order enquiry (CTP)

Where a multi-level BoM and sub-assemblies exist, Opcenter Scheduling will leverage the routing and BoM explosion features, allowing for orders to be created for all the required items which are currently in a shortage state.

Resource efficiency


productivity improvement

Schedule synchronisation


raw inventory reduction

Consistent speed


make-span reduction

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Frequently Asked Questions

We involve users in all stages from the project because the customer’s planners are still integral to using an automated planning and scheduling solution efficiently. We provide extensive training for the involved operational staff, covering daily operations, troubleshooting, and basic maintenance procedures. Users therefore become skilled in APS before the project ends and support begins, so that they can hit the ground running. Along with that, the procedures specific to each customer’s implementation of APS are thoroughly documented and explained, so users are empowered for long-term independence in using the system.
APS is usually closely integrated with parallel systems of MES and ERP. The quality of data in these systems closely dictates the implementation time of APS, since all data flows need to be properly connected and thoroughly tested. If the customer has a well-structured ERP in place already, the implementation time can be as low as two months; conversely, if a lot of data must be prepared from scratch, implementation can take up to one year. In our experience, most projects take around six months to complete.
We provide top-of-the-line post-implementation support, where engineers are already available as Tier 1 support, able to answer complex queries without going through a customer service representative. Depending on the support plan, we can troubleshoot remotely to resolve any issues that arise in the software. Maintenance and regular version updates are also available and handled by us.
Opcenter APS has its own MS SQL database, therefore SQL Server (Express or higher) is needed. The detailed list of hardware requirements is quite standard and available on demand.
Planning and scheduling data is available to other users using customised reports and to other systems via import / export functions or a direct database connection. For proactive energy management, such as with inGenious Flex, it is quite crucial that energy consumption peaks and important energy flows are already taken into account when we plan and schedule production operations.

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