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Marking Process

Automated in-line marking systems for precision applications, delivering seamless operation and accuracy in diverse production environments.

Unparallered precision

The automatic positioning of the laser is facilitated by high-precision servo drives which control the laser's position, ensuring optimal alignment with the intended printed area. This precision control mechanism is critical for achieving consistent and high-quality marks, particularly in applications requiring exact placement and uniformity.

PLC, HMI and MES integration

Complete integration with PLC communication enables rapid job changeovers, allowing the system to quickly adapt to new marking requirements or run production without significant downtime. The system also supports manual control and diagnostics via an HMI faceplate, providing operators with an intuitive and accessible interface to manage and monitor the marking process.

Accurate part-tracking

The part tracking system integrates advanced barcode and Data Matrix Code (DMC) printing technologies, real-time data updates, and high-precision imaging to provide reliable and comprehensive traceability. This ensures quality control, regulatory compliance, and efficient production management, especially when tightly interconnected with an MES solution
Ballard Power Systems
Johnson Matthey
Renault Revoz d.d.

Versatile marking

Key components of our system include the 3-Axis Fibre Laser Marker for high-precision applications, the Inkjet Printer for various print sizes, resolutions, and ink compositions across a wide range of materials, the Pad printer for simple shapes in various colors, and the Labeller, which accommodates different label sizes and prints any content with flexible application methods from the top, side, or bottom.

Our systems can print diverse texts, codes, and shapes, including various text sizes, fonts, barcodes, Data Matrix Codes (DMCs), logos, and custom shapes. Based on the text or shapes engraved, printed, marked, or labeled, the line or operators can sort parts into correct lanes, boxes, or reject bins. High accuracy is ensured through auxiliary vision systems, distance sensors, servo-driven positioning, and specially designed valves, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and customization in all marking processes.

7 Pad Printer

3 Advanced Automation And Integration Zaslon

Advanced automation
and integration

Automated marking systems enhance efficiency by reducing manual labour, accelerating the marking process, and ensuring consistent quality. They integrate seamlessly with production lines, minimizing downtime and boosting overall productivity. Our system offers comprehensive marking solutions with total PLC and HMI integration, ensuring seamless operation and precision in diverse production environments.

Parameters can be set from the recipe/MES system, allowing the PLC to quickly change jobs or adjust printing content. This flexibility ensures efficient accommodation of different parts, regardless of size, shape, weight, or any other parameter. By integrating third-party equipment at electrical, mechanical, and software levels, we provide a seamless and adaptable marking solution. Our collaboration with equipment suppliers ensures that we meet all customer requirements with high-quality components.

Quality control with
part traceability

Part traceability is a key feature of our marking systems, involving tracking each component from raw material to finished product. Technologies like barcode and Direct part marking (DMC) enable parts to be tracked throughout the production process. Scanners are integrated directly into the production lines, scanning barcodes and DMCs immediately after printing, serving as both a quality check and a verification of part traceability. Each scan feeds data into a central database system that tracks the movement and status of parts throughout the manufacturing process.

Integrated traceability systems ensure quality by immediately verifying the accuracy of part markings, allowing only compliant parts to proceed in the production line. This functionality not only meets strict regulatory standards but also streamlines the recall process by precisely identifying affected batches.

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Key Technologies

3-axis laser marker

The 3-axis fiber laser marker, designed for high-precision applications, is housed in a protected environment to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Equipped with a fume extractor, it maintains a clean and safe workspace while delivering durable and precise engraved marks on your products.

Inkjet printer

Inkjet printers offer versatile and high-quality printing capabilities using multiple print heads. They adapt to a wide range of requirements and resolutions, clearly and precisely printing barcodes, text, and detailed graphics. Inkjet printers can dispense various ink compositions, making them suitable for printing on metals, polymers, ceramics, and other materials.

Pad printer

The pad printer is ideal for applications requiring simple shapes, offering versatility with the ability to apply various colors. It provides flexibility and customization to meet diverse marking needs, making it perfect for adding clear, consistent shapes to products. This enhances both identification and aesthetic appeal.


The labeller offers versatile labeling solutions, accommodating labels of various sizes and enabling the printing of any content. It supports multiple label application methods, including top, side, and bottom placements, providing flexibility for diverse production requirements. This adaptability is ideal for enhancing product identification of specific labeling needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we fully integrate third-party equipment at electrical, mechanical, and software levels. As integrators, we can integrate any system, component, or provider. We collaborate closely with equipment suppliers to ensure that all the requirements of the end customer are met, and we strive to use the highest quality components possible.
Yes, parameters can be set from the recipe/MES system, allowing the PLC to quickly change over jobs or adjust the content for printing. This flexibility ensures that different parts, regardless of size, shape, weight, or any other parameter, can be accommodated efficiently.
Yes, part traceability is a key feature of many marking systems. Technologies like barcode and Data Matrix Code (DMC) printing enable parts to be tracked throughout the production process, ensuring quality control and regulatory compliance.

The system traces parts by scanning barcodes or DMCs immediately after printing, serving both as a quality check and a verification of part traceability. This scanning process ensures accurate tracking of each part, maintaining comprehensive records that support efficient management and regulatory adherence throughout the production cycle.
If not properly protected, laser beams can be dangerous. However, at INEA, we ensure that our laser printers are safely enclosed to prevent any exposure to the laser beams. Additionally, we install powerful fume extractors to immediately and safely remove any burn smoke, ensuring a safe working environment for operators.
When choosing a marking system, consider factors such as the material and geometry of the parts, production speed, required mark permanence, environmental conditions, and integration with existing systems.
Automated marking systems improve efficiency by reducing manual labor, speeding up the marking process, and ensuring consistent quality. They integrate seamlessly with production lines, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

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