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Precision Coating

of liquids and powders for a uniform, high-quality protective or reactive coating on any kind of substrate, suitable for washcoats, catalysts, and inks in the automotive, chemical, and fuel cell industries

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Precise coating
material addition

Our automated solution ensures precise material addition for optimal distribution across each part through a highly accurate dosing sequence. This guarantees consistent coating quality across all parts, regardless of substrate type, coating material, or coating method used. Broad knowledge of all aspects of the production process allows us to suggest or choose the most appropriate dosing hardware for the coating, so that each solution is a tailor fit for any material type.
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Quality control and traceability

High quality standards are maintained by weighing each part before and after dosing to ensure precise material application. Barcode tracking ensures full traceability throughout the process. Integration with the production line and its MES allows us to compare each part’s parameters with the ideal recipe and account for deviations, ensuring comprehensive quality management. Additionally, advanced data collection and analysis gives real-time insights and allows for informed decision-making.
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Careful handling of fragile parts

Fragile ceramic parts are handled with extra care during insertion and removal from dosing stations. Using custom grippers tailored to each part minimizes the risk of damage to these delicate components, ensuring they remain intact throughout the process. The application pressure and robot handling are precisely calibrated to provide a fast cycle time and a secure grip while being gentle enough to avoid damaging the expensive substrates.
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End-to-end solution delivery

From initial design to final commissioning, we provide a comprehensive and integrated approach tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer and their needs. They encompass process analyses, custom solution design, and the development of sophisticated machinery and automation systems. With our broad expertise and specialized algorithms, our precision coating automation solutions deliver reliable, efficient, and precise control over the entire process.
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Dosing and automation

To achieve the best results, we use highly accurate dosing equipment. Our system is fully automated, featuring showerhead applicators for even distribution, servo-driven pistons for precise control, and specially designed valves for exact coating application. These components work together seamlessly to ensure consistent and precise doses, which are crucial for maintaining high quality standards in the coating process.

Our automation allows for real-time adjustments and monitoring, minimizing variability and ensuring each application meets the required specifications. The equipment includes advanced sensors and feedback systems that continuously monitor the flow and pressure of the material being dispensed, allowing for immediate corrections. Our solutions are adaptable to various coating materials, substrates and process needs with equipment from reliable and proven suppliers.

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Advanced control and error management

Our solutions incorporate advanced predictive control algorithms with multivariable and fuzzy logic. These algorithms enhance dosing accuracy by accounting for various influencing factors mid-process. One of these features involves a dual dose check and correction mechanism. Before the second dose, the system retrieves data about the first dose from the MES and adjusts the next dose to ensure the correct amount is applied. The smart dose correction feature calculates the average dose weight and adjusts the dose size to align with the set-point.

To ensure correct product dosing, we employ a poka-yoke method that compares the delivery vessel with the recipe. This error-proofing approach prevents mistakes and ensures the correct amount of material is used for each batch, maintaining high quality and consistency.

Integrated control systems
and adaptability

Our automated solution provides end-to-end control over the coating process, ensuring each stage is executed to exact specifications. We build and automate the entire station, including developing control systems using standard industry software and procedures. The integrated SCADA/HMI system offers a real-time overview, allowing operators to monitor and control the process efficiently.

Our solutions are adapted to precise needs to the customer. This extends to adaptability within the cell itself, allowing toolings to be replaced to support different sizes and shapes of substrates. This ensures that the system can adapt to various production requirements. Additionally, we integrate the coating station into a larger production line, providing seamless operation and coordination with other manufacturing processes.

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Customer support and

We offer extensive operator training and first-line support directly from our engineering team. This ensures expert assistance is always available. Detailed manuals and reports support ongoing operations and maintenance, while our commissioning process takes care that the station is properly integrated into the manufacturing plant.

Our solutions support sustainability goals through precise material conservation and efficient process management. Making sure that each part is properly coated and undamaged on both input and output of the station, we reduce production waste and speed up later processes where detecting faults may be more expensive and time consuming.

Versatile Dosing Methods

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Top dosing with
top-bottom vacuum

This method involves applying the liquid coating material from the top while simultaneously using a vacuum to draw the material through the part from top to bottom. This technique ensures thorough penetration and uniform distribution of the coating material.
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Bottom dosing with bottom-top vacuum

In this approach, the liquid coating material is introduced from the bottom, and a vacuum is applied from the bottom to the top. This method is particularly effective for parts that require coating from the inside out, ensuring even application throughout.
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Top-bottom vacuum
with piston push

This method combines bottom dosing with a piston that pushes the liquid coating material into the substrate. The part is then rotated, and a vacuum is applied from top to bottom. This comprehensive approach ensures that the coating material fully penetrates the part, providing a consistent and high-quality finish.
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powder coating

Dry powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto grounded parts. The powder is fluidized by air, creating a fluid-like state that applies evenly. The coated parts are then heated in an oven, causing the powder to uniformly melt onto the part. This method is suitable for metal substrates for a durable finish without using solvents.

Related Solutions

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Washcoat Preparation

Catalytic washcoat preparation features precise dosing and phase control, real-time monitoring, and material traceability focuses on consistent individual batch quality. The ISA-88 compliant and improved process can be vertically and horizontally integrated into the wider production environment.
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Batch Automation

Automate ISA-88 batch manufacturing processes with resource allocation, recipe management, and real-time monitoring. Used in the production of washcoats for catalytic clean air solutions, inks, and ionomers for additive manufacturing, as well as paints, glues, broths, titania, and resins.
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Ink Preparation

Precise addition, dispersion, and heat treatment of inks for additive manufacturing, integrated into the production environment. Custom-designed vacuum and pump systems, tank inertization, and constant material tracking are just some of the improvements we made to this ISA-88 compliant process.
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Visual Inspection

Automated, in-line AI-driven visual inspection systems for precise and consistent defect detection and quality assessment. Using high-resolution imaging, they eliminate human error. Inspections are non-destructive, ensuring all products meet stringent standards without damage.
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Utility Automation

Optimizing industrial systems like tool cooling, compressed air, and HVAC using advanced technologies such as sensors, PLCs, SCADA systems, and AI. These systems maintain optimal conditions, ensure equipment longevity, improve energy efficiency, and enhance productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We automate a variety of dosing methods to apply coatings to metal, ceramic, polymer, and other types of substrates. These include:    

  • Top dosing with top-bottom coating: Coating material is applied from the top while a vacuum draws it through the part, ensuring thorough penetration and uniform distribution.
  • Bottom dosing with bottom-top vacuum: Coating material is introduced from the bottom with a vacuum applied from the bottom to the top, ideal for inside-out coating.
  • Bottom dosing with piston push and top-bottom vacuum: Combines bottom dosing with a piston push, part rotation, and top-bottom vacuum for comprehensive coating penetration.
  • Powder coating: Electrostatic application of dry powder, which is then cured to form a durable, protective finish.
  • Painting: Automated application of liquid paints for protective and decorative finishes.
  • Additive manufacturing (Printing): Precise material deposition to build up layers in additive processes, such as fuel cell manufacturing.
We ensure correct product dosing with several methods. The poka-yoke system checks the delivery vessel against the recipe to avoid errors. We use predictive control algorithms, including multivariable and fuzzy logic, to ensure precision. Smart dose correction tweaks the dose size to match set-points. High-precision equipment like servo-driven pistons, showerhead applicators, and special valves deliver consistent doses. Weighing parts before and after dosing and using barcode tracking also help maintain accuracy.
Yes, our solution is designed to handle different parts of various sizes, shapes, weights, and washcoat types. Parameters can be set from the recipe in the MES for standardization. Toolings can be replaced to support different parts on the same line, such as different sizes of catalytic converters ranging from small units about 100 mm in diameter and 150 mm in length, to larger units of over 300 mm in diameter. Our system can adapt to these variations, maintaining consistent quality and efficiency across different product requirements.
We manage part traceability through a comprehensive system that includes barcode tracking and detailed data logging. Each part is assigned a unique barcode, which is scanned at various stages of the process to record its progress and ensure accurate tracking. This information is stored in the MES in real-time, allowing for full traceability from raw material to finished product. The system logs key parameters and actions, providing a complete history for each part. This data can be accessed for quality control, analysis and compliance reporting further up the manufacturing vertical in the ERP.
We work with many internationally recognised equipment suppliers which have an extensive track record in their segment. General equipment for control and automation is part of our common practice for every project and includes suppliers like Festo, SICK, Siemens, and Mitsubishi Electric. Specialised equipment in the field of sensorics, measurement, vision, and flow are likewise sourced from industry leaders such as SMC, Mettler Toledo, Pepperl+Fuchs, Endress+Hauser, Keyence, Cognex, and IFM, with specifics adjusted to the needs of each particular customer and project. The range of equipment offered and our ability to integrate it ensures that every aspect of the process is firmly under control.

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