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MES: Manufacturing Execution Systems

Dynamic software solution for monitoring, tracking, documenting, and controlling the entire manufacturing process in real time.

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Understanding the
manufacturing layers

With extensive expertise in machinery construction and automation solutions, as well as SCADA and APS systems, we integrate logistics, maintenance, warehousing, and ERP to deliver a holistically designed MES system. This comprehensive approach optimizes performance and efficiency across all manufacturing layers, adhering to “Source of Truth” principles, minimizing data flows, and ensuring data integrity.
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Enabling Industry 5.0

By embracing the human-centric principles of Industry 5.0, we enhance our development standards to empower users in their specific roles. We emphasize a unified user experience (UX), combining various applications into a single interface for optimal performance. Integrating SCADA situational awareness with optimized MES workflows, our solutions guide users efficiently, minimize errors, and eliminate the need for extensive manuals, thereby shortening learning curves.
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Delivering platform
agnostic solutions

Our platform-agnostic MES integration strategy offers flexibility and customization tailored to clients' needs. We assess project requirements, including corporate standards, automation levels, equipment, regional support, licensing, and OT/IT compatibility, to select the best MES platform. This approach ensures our MES solutions precisely meet operational needs and strategic objectives, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and simplifying tasks.
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Execution System – MES

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a comprehensive, dynamic software solution that monitors, tracks, documents, and controls the entire manufacturing process in real time. MES integrates with various systems such as ERP, APS, SCADA, and the control layer to provide a unified view of production operations. By capturing data from machines and manufacturing lines and driving production, MES facilitates improved decision-making, enhances production efficiency, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, and enables effective quality management.

It helps manufacturers optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and achieve higher levels of operational excellence by providing detailed insights and control over the manufacturing process from start to finish.

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Manufacturing triad:

The interconnection of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) creates a seamless and integrated manufacturing ecosystem.

ERP systems manage overall business processes, including inventory, finance, and order management. APS uses input from ERP to create optimized production schedules based on resource availability and demand forecasts. These schedules are then communicated to MES, which oversees real-time execution on the shop floor, monitors production processes, collects data, and ensures adherence to the plan.

This closed-loop integration ensures that high-level business strategies and detailed production plans are effectively translated into efficient manufacturing operations. The flow of information between ERP, APS, and MES allows for real-time adjustments based on actual conditions, improving agility, reducing waste, and enhancing decision-making.

Connecting MES
with automation layer

Connecting MES with PLCs enhances the automation and efficiency of manufacturing processes. MES drives production recipes and setpoints directly to PLCs, ensuring precise control and consistency in manufacturing operations.

This integration also enables real-time collection of genealogy data, tracking the history and origin of each product component throughout the production lifecycle. Additionally, MES gathers Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data from PLCs, providing valuable insights into machine performance, availability, and quality. This connection ensures optimal resource utilization, improved product quality, and comprehensive traceability.

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Integrating MES in manual
production areas

In manual production areas, MES systems play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and ensuring consistency. MES provides operators with real-time work instructions, standard operating procedures, and visual aids, streamlining manual tasks and reducing errors. It captures detailed data on manual processes, such as labour time, workstation performance, and material usage, enabling advanced tracking and analysis capabilities.

By integrating with quality management systems, MES ensures that manual production meets quality standards and regulatory requirements. Additionally, MES facilitates traceability and accountability, recording the genealogy of products and actions taken by operators. This integration provides a more efficient, transparent, and controlled manual production environment.

Enabling ESG reporting
within manufacturing operations

MES is instrumental in supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting within manufacturing operations.

MES provides precise, real-time data on resource consumption, waste generation, and energy usage, essential for accurate reporting. It tracks labor practices, health and safety incidents, and compliance with social standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in social metrics.

Additionally, MES supports governance by maintaining detailed records of operational processes, quality controls, and regulatory compliance. By integrating these capabilities, MES enables manufacturers to generate comprehensive ESG reports, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During an MES implementation it is crucial to also consider System governance. This includes diagnostics and contingency in terms of “hot failover” features, system disaster recovery and backup plans, comprehensive handover documentation with maintenance personnel training, automatic system maintenance capabilities and alarming and notification features. In addition to these, we also offer maintenance agreements that enable a support help-desk service for the customer.
We are system agnostic, and we always use the most appropriate solution for the customer needs. We are AVEVA Wonderware endorsed system integrator, and Siemens smart solution partner for the MES / MOM portfolio but also offer other tools within our solutions, such as Dassault Systèmes Delmia Apriso.
No, we have developed our own system some time ago and maintain the knowledge and expertise to date but have strategically decided against maintaining a bespoke solution. We integrate tools developed within larger ecosystems, thus providing the best possible service in terms of a combination of our domain knowledge and expert, renown tools. We found that this approach provides a more sustainable and safe solution for our customers.
We are connecting to several ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, MS Dynamics AX - Navision, BaaNInfor, DataLab PANTHEON, Perftech.Largo, Pro-Bit, GoSoft, Kopa and others. Inea used to be an ERP integrator and have since evolved that expertise into the integration domain.
Both principles fall into Level 3 ISA 95. MES is a subset of MOM, focusing specifically on executing and managing production processes in real-time, while MOM encompasses a broader range of related functions, including APS, maintenance, Batch management and others.

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