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inSpect Bent Pin Visual Inspection of Bent Pins

Automated vision technology detects bent pins in connectors, calibrating measurements against a predefined reference plane for precise positioning assessments. Ideal for industries demanding impeccable precision in connector assembly and quality control.

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Nano-precision pin detection

Our technology boasts the capability to detect even the most minute deviations in nano-scaled connector pins. With unparalleled sensitivity, we can identify subtle variations in pin structure and positioning that could compromise the integrity of the final product’s connection or signal. Whether it is a bent or missing pin or a slight discrepancy in pin height, our advanced detection system ensures that no irregularity goes unnoticed.

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In-line quality assessment

The vision inspection technology performs quality assessment directly within the production line, ensuring that every single product undergoes thorough evaluation. Employing a non-destructive method, this assessment guarantees precise adherence to manufacturing tolerances for connector pins, thereby significantly enhancing overall product quality.

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Versatile integration

inSpect Bent Pin seamlessly integrates with any component and assesses a diverse range of pins to meet any need. Accommodating connectors up to 60mm in width, our technology ensures comprehensive assessment of the X, Y, and Z coordinates of pins within these connectors. This guarantees that all measurements align with the required tolerances, regardless of the connector’s dimensions or type.

Critical pin height verification for reliable connections

It is crucial to verify the orientation and height of connector pins before insertion into a board or another connection point. While bent or missing pins are relatively straightforward to identify, subtle discrepancies in pin height can cause significant issues. A pin that is too short may lead to a disconnected circuit, whereas an overly tall pin might prevent other pins from connecting properly. Minor variations in pin height can cause voltage drops or intermittent faults that are challenging to diagnose once the assembly is integrated into the device, making early detection critical.

inSpect Bent Pin, equipped with a sensor mounted on a linear servo motor, traverses the X-axis to inspect each connector. All measurements are calibrated against a predefined connector reference plane, ensuring precise and consistent positioning assessments. This solution is tailored for industries requiring impeccable precision in connector assembly and quality control.

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Achieving micron-level precision in connector pin inspection

inSpect employs micron-level accuracy to examine connector pins. The technology is designed for precise assessment of the X, Y, and Z coordinates of pins within various connector types, ensuring that all measurements fall within required tolerances.

The system provides a high-resolution image that facilitates precise measurements of pin heights and the detection of defects.
Capable of addressing various challenges, including differences in connector depths, colours, and sizes, as well as variations in housing designs, inSpect also mitigates reflections from pins and accommodates the inherent instability of differing pin dimensions and materials.

Essential for maintaining maximum stability, the system undergoes strict Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

Advanced imaging technology for industrial inspection

The visual inspection equipment features a powerful camera paired with a telecentric lens and advanced four-sided projection lighting. With telecentric optics and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, our laser displacement sensors effectively manage contrast to eliminate noise from bright and reflective features, ensuring precise adherence to manufacturing tolerances for connector pins and elevating overall product quality.
Each captured image is composed from 16 individual images, utilizing unique colour, angle, and projection patterns to maximize accuracy. Throughout the inspection process, connector images undergo compression and are seamlessly stored on our servers, tagged with DMC codes for effortless traceability and retrieval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The bent pin inspection system employs advanced visual inspection equipment, featuring a camera integrated with a telecentric lens and four-sided projection lighting. This setup enhances the accuracy and clarity of the images captured. Additionally, as an integrator, INEA can incorporate equipment from various providers, not limiting to just one, allowing for a flexible and tailored solution to meet specific inspection needs. This capability ensures that the most effective tools are used for each unique application.
The calibration process involves a mechanical setup configured to achieve precise measurements. Parameters are tailored specifically to each inspection requirement. To verify accuracy and reliability, Measurement System Analysis (MSA) tests are conducted, ensuring the system meets the defined standards for measurement precision.
inSpect Catalytic Converters/DPFs achieves remarkable accuracy and repeatability, providing a 1% tolerance at 300 plugged cells in flowthrough parts. Its advanced capabilities include detecting plugged cells, identifying optical leaks, and detecting partially open cells in filters, ensuring consistent and reliable quality control.
The measurement results are derived using the least square method, which analyses the X, Y, and Z positions of the pins relative to a predefined connector reference plane. inSpect Bent Pin system is engineered for assessment of these coordinates across different connector types to ensure that all measurements remain within the specified tolerances.

The system uses a sensor mounted on a linear servo motor, moving precisely along the X-axis to cover the entire connector area. This method ensures that measurements are not only accurate but consistent, providing a reliable solution for industries focused on high precision in connector assembly and quality control. The robust calibration process against the reference plane helps address variations due to connector depth, colour, size, and material differences, as well as optical disturbances like pin reflections.
Following the inspection, the processed images are incorporated into detailed reports that document the inspection results. The reports, along with the images, are then stored on our secure servers. Each file is systematically labelled with the DMC (Data Matrix Code) to facilitate easy traceability and retrieval. This method ensures that all inspection data is preserved in an organized, accessible manner, supporting quality control and operational continuity.

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