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Research Project Energy.Efficient.Industry

Utilization of the flexibility of electrical energy in power plants for energy consumption optimization

(Jun 2023 – Dec 2024)

The project is focused on industrial energy management, particularly on analyzing the possibilities of reducing energy costs through demand response. In the coming years, significant changes are expected in network and energy billing, which will be more adapted to the green transition and the introduction of renewable sources. Energy consumers will also need to adjust their consumption or adapt it according to the availability of the network and energy. Without adjustment and flexibility from consumers, energy will become a significantly higher cost than with active integration into the energy system. Consortium partners will develop an energy management system tailored to a multi-tariff electricity billing system. The main objective of the project is to develop a system that, through software logic, helps identify the most optimal electricity consumption/demand based on past and current consumption and manages this demand at the consumer’s end using controllers.

Total project value: 2,239,768.37 EUR

Amount of co-financing: 968,020.97 EUR

Consortium partners:

  • INEA d.o.o.
  • RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o.
  • PRO.ASTEC d.o.o.


The operation was selected for co-financing in the Public Call for “Recovery and Resilience with Pilot-Demonstration Projects” (JR DEMO PILOTS NOO). The investment is part of the measures of the Slovenian Recovery and Resilience Plan, which is financed through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

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