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inGenious View User-centric energy monitoring

Comprehensive energy monitoring and seamless integration across any number of locations with fully customizable indicators, reports, and analytics.

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User-centric energy monitoring



Energy costs at a production plant were rising despite the energy price and production processes remaining the same.



The implementation of inGenious View for the monitoring of all energy flows and production data enabled comparative analysis of processes. This showed a disproportionate use of compressed air, prompting investigation, which showed a leak in the system. Custom KPIs, target monitoring, and related alarms were introduced to enable real-time deviation detection in the future.



The immediate problem was discovered and solved. The future risk of undiscovered operation anomalies was mitigated with real-time monitoring allowing a much faster response time.



A dairy company regularly had their shipments rejected due to inconsistent temperature and subsequent health hazards and lower product quality. This reduced customer trust and threatened future business.



inGenious View was used to monitor each step of the cold chain in one central system. This allowed the constant monitoring of temperature throughout the production and delivery process. Data historization allowed for automated reports certifying that the product’s safety was not impeded during shipping.



The quality of the end product was improved, leading to higher demand and increased market presence. The risk of future recalls was mitigated through better tracking and discovery of supply chain anomalies.



The accounting department of a production company noticed specific high energy costs per product unit and low dependency on product amount. Usually, lower production amounts are not proportional with energy costs.



inGenious View was installed for the monitoring of energy consumption per individual production line. The connection to the production information system enabled automatic calculation of specific energy KPIs on various interval levels and their historical comparison.



The comparison showed extremely high KPIs at weekends, which were caused by the early start of the energy-intensive production setup procedure. This was streamlined to fit the minimal required time defined by the asset vendor, resulting in a lower total and per-product energy cost.

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Streamlined monitoring
of all energy flows

The system implements comprehensive monitoring of various energy flows, such as electricity, gas, heat, and compressed air. It can also process any type of signal from production devices for energy efficiency comparisons across all types of machines and flows. Universal alarms can immediately alert users to deviations, allowing quick identification of inefficiencies, anomalies, and areas of energy waste. Valuable real-time insights are gained to optimize processes, leading to targeted improvements for better efficiency and notable cost savings.

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Seamless multi-site
and remote integration

Featuring robust data acquisition and seamless operational control across various locations with integrated communication interfaces to controllers, meters, and other data sources. Ideal for environments with dislocated operational sites, including remote areas, the system enables effective data gathering through telemetry devices. This integration, coupled with the flexibility of cloud-based or local installation, ensures consistent monitoring of energy and production data. The remote accessibility features significantly increase responsiveness, allowing for effective management from any location.

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Advanced analysis for
informed decision-making

Strategic decision-making is enabled through comprehensive data analysis and adaptable visualization tools designed to meet any requirements. These tools make complex data easy to understand. Key metrics like energy consumption and production efficiency, as well as the creation of custom KPIs, allow for thorough understanding at any level. This customization extends to reporting, enabling automated generation of detailed reports on information critical to business success. By transforming thousands of signals into clear, actionable insights with intuitive dashboards, well-informed decisions in energy management can be reliably made.

Centralised monitoring


The system provides a centralized platform for monitoring a wide array of energy flows, such as electricity, gas, and heat, with the added capability to track production flows.

Real-time access to energy data is available at any time from any platform through an easy-to-use web user interface or mobile app. inGenious View can also connect to legacy monitoring systems and seamlessly integrate them into the central platform as well.

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Custom KPIs and analytics


Defining custom KPIs is crucial in any complex environment, and advanced analytics approaches such as CU-SUM and regression modelling allow for very specific multivariate goals to be set. Views and graphs can be customised to display the information users require, with each individual able to further narrow down the information they need on a daily basis.

Based on the user’s business requirements, inGenious View can automatically report and alert using custom indicators. This means an indicator can be composed of any number of signals, with the necessary mathematical and analytical operations performed between them. The system can automatically detect deviations from the usual or normal values of this indicator and proactively alert the user to any anomalies.

Key Functionalities

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Designed to extend its monitoring capabilities to remote locations, the system can connect to various telemetry devices via physical, wireless, or powerline communication. This feature is essential for organizations with geographically dispersed sites, ensuring consistent energy management and analysis across all locations.
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Whether locally or in the cloud, the central monitoring system can be accessed by multiple users at the same time, each with a customizable set of permissions and views. Both predefined and custom user roles can be used to quickly access the exact data a user needs, from detailed machine statistics for maintenance technicians or financial forecasts for company management.
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To facilitate quick interventions when needed, custom alarms can be easily set up by each user to track any relevant value or indicator. E-mail, SMS, and push notifications are sent to designated users to alert them to deviations and allow them to respond immediately. With store-and-forward capabilities, information is preserved even in the case of critical, network-disconnecting events.
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Automatic historization
and reporting

Data points collected by the system can be kept indefinitely to produce automated custom reports periodically, which is crucial for accountability in processes like cold chains or just-in-time manufacturing. The data can also be further analysed to calculate the financial benefit of installing upgrades, such as inGenious Flex, for comprehensive energy management.

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