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inGenious Peak Industrial peak levelling system

Industrial peak levelling system for energy-intensive processes that reduces peak power charges and eases the strain on the grid.

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Industrial peak levelling system



At the beginning of the workday in a metallurgical plant, all major furnaces start up at the same time. This generates a concurrent peak which is several times the average power throughout the day. This increases the power bill through network charges, which are calculated based on the highest peaks.



inGenious Peak is installed at a central location in the plant and all relevant loads are managed with it. A priority-based schedule is set, and the largest loads are started in sequence instead of at the same time. This process is automatic, which frees up operator time for other preparatory tasks and ensures that each load starts up only after the previous one is past its startup peak.



This drastically reduces the highest daily peak, resulting in significant savings from network charges. In the long term, this also reduces the necessary system maintenance from repeated stress and lowers the need for reactive power compensation. Expanding operations by adding new equipment is also easier since the system ensures that any new machines will not have an oversized impact on power draw and thermal strain.



In a manufacturing environment, some larger loads run based on necessity in the production process. Ignoring the energy management perspective, they cause random peaks throughout the day and interfere with more sensitive metering equipment.



After identifying both the variable and comparatively static loads, inGenious Peak is connected and installed. Detecting whether starting a machine would increase power draw past a set limit, it reduces the draw from other, less critical loads. Other loads are sorted based on priority and their draw is also reduced if another startup is initiated during the interval. Once the peak passes, all loads are returned to their normal state and the system remains in standby.



Peaks during the day become less pronounced and easier to manage, ensuring that they do not affect other processes. Based on past data, patterns can be identified, and preventative action taken to further reduce fluctuations.

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Exploit the
potential of large loads

The largest loads can generate the greatest savings in electricity costs, as even a slight adjustment to their operation can reduce power draw below peak levels, where the power cost is much lower. By intelligently adapting load schedules, the system ensures that manufacturing productivity remains stable or even improves despite reduced consumption. Particularly in heavy industrial manufacturing, a few largest loads can often contribute the majority of peak power, determining network charges. With inGenious Peak, tackling these challenges becomes a straightforward priority.

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For light and
heavy industry

Although inGenious Peak is most suitable for companies with large loads, such as melting furnaces and industrial centrifuges, the benefits of peak reduction are evident at any production scale. Peak levelling is a simple upgrade from an existing inGenious Cube, but it can also be installed on top of any legacy control device to reign in the power of an individual machine. By upgrading to inGenious Flex, the system can simultaneously manage any number of loads of any size and use their varying profiles for mutual advantage, adapting consumption among them.

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functional longevity

The durability and operational quality of the electrical system are increased by evening out power levels over time. This reduces the mechanical and thermal strain on electrical components, extending their functional lifespan. It helps maintain consistent voltage levels, protecting against the adverse effects of voltage fluctuations on sensitive equipment and preventing potential damage. A more uniform power profile results in lesser heat losses in the system’s conductive components. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance and component replacement, saves money and interruptions in the long term.

Peak prediction algorithm

inGenious Peak monitors total energy consumption over a 15-minute interval and predicts when it will exceed a preset limit. If it determines that the limit will be reached before the end of the interval, resulting in consumption higher than allowed, it intervenes.

The intervention can occur on one or more devices. For loads that can only be turned off and on, such as simple compressors and heaters, this change happens immediately. The algorithm then checks if the prediction still exceeds the interval limit and proceeds accordingly. For loads that allow continuous control, such as certain servomotors and heat pumps, the algorithm can accurately predict the effect of the intervention. It adjusts the power to the desired limit and monitors it throughout the interval for any changes.

In this way, inGenious Peak can preemptively reduce the power of managed loads, achieving an optimal balance between completed work and total power consumption, thereby avoiding high peak costs.

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Peak load shedding

During peak times, such as the start-up of large loads, inGenious Peak temporarily reduces the power of less critical loads to mitigate the peak. Start-up peaks are a major factor in high peak power, which influences the overall network load and the grid tariff for the billing period.

In industrial processes, these peaks are quickly identified as they represent a clear anomaly from the average power of individual loads. If these loads start simultaneously, such as at the beginning of a morning shift, the effect of their peaks is even more pronounced. In such cases, it makes sense to prioritize these loads and set an appropriate power limit in inGenious Peak. The loads are then started sequentially, breaking down one high peak into several smaller ones, each having a lesser impact on the highest power and consequently on the grid tariff.

The system then returns to normal operation, maintaining the total power below the user-defined limit.

Key Functionalities

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For locations with several large loads, priority can be set based on the importance of each load, making sure the system sheds the less critical load first. For a more dynamic adjustment system that learns and flexibly adapts the loads among each other, an easy upgrade to inGenious Flex is possible.
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power monitoring

The startup of large inductive loads can cause phase delays and, therefore, increase reactive power, which impacts the efficiency of power delivery. Monitoring this factor is crucial for mitigating reactive power and keeping power delivery losses low.
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inGenious Peak can be installed on an existing inGenious Cube or scaled up to accommodate several loads within the same location. As long as they all have a control system, there can be any number of them that a single peak levelling system can manage at the same time.
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Central or dispersed

Regardless of the number of loads, inGenious Peak can be either installed separately on each unit, or manage all loads from a central location, either locally or in the cloud. A central installation is recommended for improved visibility, while a local installation ensures operation even during network interruptions.

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