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inGenious Cube Energy management of individual devices

Energy management and remote control of any device in any environment for the best use of available resources.

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Energy management of individual devices



A manufacturing facility’s industrial oven requires extensive preheating, a process managed manually. This often leads to the oven preheating at suboptimal times, such as after the start of the work day, spending more expensive energy and wasting time preheating that could otherwise be used productively.



The facility installs inGenious Cube to gain remote and automated control over the oven’s operation. They program inGenious Cube to start the oven’s preheating process at a precise time before production begins, ensuring it reaches the required temperature just in time for use. Instead of relying on a human operator to turn off the oven at the end of the shift, inGenious Cube turns the oven off automatically unless otherwise required.



With inGenious Cube, the facility successfully reduces the oven’s unproductive hours, directly cutting down energy consumption and operational costs. The precise control over preheating times eliminates manual scheduling errors and ensures the oven is used efficiently.



A facility equipped with solar panels, a battery storage system, and electric vehicle chargers finds it difficult to efficiently match the fluctuating solar energy production with the facility’s energy demands and EV charging schedules, due to the absence of a proper control system.



By implementing inGenious Cube, the facility gains the ability to remotely monitor and adjust the operation of the PV system, battery storage, and EV chargers based on real-time data. inGenious Cube’s remote connectivity ensures that energy production, storage, and consumption can be managed from one interface.



The integration of inGenious Cube leads to a more efficient use of generated solar energy, maximizing the consumption of renewable energy. The facility benefits from reduced energy costs and a more sustainable operation, with the added convenience of remote monitoring and control.

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Automated management
of any load

Connect and control any device or machine, regardless of purpose, age, and signal type to modernise and upgrade your capabilities. Compatibility with a wide array of communication protocols and years of experience in industrial automation ensure adaptability with diverse equipment in any environment. Customize operation schedules directly in the interface, providing automated control tailored to specific operational timings and requirements, leading to improved efficiency and a simpler management experience.

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Control from
anywhere at any time

The web interface offers data historization and analytics for effective system monitoring and better energy decision-making. The integrated alarm system ensures timely and reliable alerts with store-and-forward functionality, maintaining continuous operational safety and efficiency. In case of unexpected events, conditional control logic can automatically respond to alarms, reducing the need for human intervention.

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energy management

inGenious Cube enhances energy management by seamlessly integrating with the entire family of inGenious products offering deeper monitoring and flexibility management. The included flexibility module enables flexibility requests to be generated and accepted by the machine itself. The automated schedules set by inGenious Flex are executed based on user-provided constraints to align energy usage with specific goals and requirements and prevent any impact on production efficiency.

Universal connectivity


Regardless of existing management systems, inGenious Cube can connect to hardware through a wide range of protocols and standards, such as Modbus, Profibus, and BACnet. It can also communicate via other digital and analog signals, both directly and through converters, making it compatible with any device regardless of its original communication capabilities.

Custom drivers enable connectivity via WiFi, GSM, PLC, and LoRa, integrating into existing networks, the cloud, or APIs. This means that inGenious Cube can receive and send data to communicate with external services, such as the demand response system inGenious Flex.

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Key Functionalities

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work schedules

Set automated operation schedules for simple commands like switching on/off or more complex, conditional logic to adjust power sequentially or continuously, depending on machine specifications and process requirements. inGenious Cube handles charging and discharging various energy storage systems on demand, such as direct electricity storage in the form of batteries, water reservoirs or compressed air in tanks or inside heat accumulators.
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Remote control
and visibility

Where network connectivity is available, inGenious Cube can be monitored and controlled through a secure network connection. The web-based user interface supports any connected device that can use a virtual private network (VPN). This allows the user to connect from anywhere regardless of whether the control system is installed locally or hosted in the cloud.
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and alarms

Stay ahead of unexpected events with programmable alarms that can automatically respond to external events or prompt the user for response via SMS, e-mail or push notifications. Leveraging store-and-forward capabilities, information is preserved even in the case of critical, network-disconnecting events. Using generated reports, data and statistics gathered during operations can be later analysed to report on or further improve energy use.
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The in-built flexibility management module seamlessly connects to the network-level inGenious Flex energy flexibility management system to manage load-level flexibilities. With the ability to both generate its own flexibility requirements and execute remote-generated schedules, inGenious Cube’s flexibility management capabilities are vital for the inclusion of any and all sources, loads, or storage into a flexible grid.

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