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The inGenious product family consists of four compatible products that address specific needs in energy management. These products are upgradable and built on the same technological platform, which means that your initial choice does not restrict you from easily expanding functionality in the future. This modular approach allows users to start with one product and upgrade as their needs evolve, ensuring that the system can grow and adapt to changing energy management requirements.

We can customize functionalities to your needs and specifications, because we understand that every environment has its own limitations and opportunities.



Number of prosumers/loadsCloud/localCloud/localCloud/localLocal
Place of installation
Demand Response Management (DRM)
Flexibility exchange and dynamically adjusted consumption scheduling for prosumers inside the company
Connections with energy markets
Energy price and external system tariff information collection, supplying energy on the market
Ancillary services for transmission grid
Ancillary services offering (voltage and frequency regulation) to transmission grid operator (TSO)
Ancillary services for distribution grid
Ancillary services offering (voltage and frequency regulation) to distribution grid operator (DSO)
Dynamically adjusted schedule
Automated setup and deployment of consumption schedules and real time schedule adjustments
Prediction horizonMultiple intervals
The algorithm predicts demand in adjustable timeslots in equal intervals
Single interval
The algorithm predicts demand within the current billing interval to avoid peaks
Manual override
Manual adjustment of an automatically generated schedule or operation at any time
Peak management
Demand response module levels out peaks according to the preset criteria through mutual adaptation
The peak levelling algorithm selectively powers off connected devices within the current interval
Direct control
System automatically powers on, powers off or adjusts the power of connected devices according to the automated or manually set schedule
Dashboard (web)
Remote access to all information, views, and graphs; customized per user
Customized KPI setup, using any physical or virtual signals and calculations
Automated periodical reports or reports on demand for any quantity or indicator
Customized alarms according to automated or manually set criteria and urgency
Email/SMS notifications
User or user group notification via e-mail or SMS
User management
Unlimited number of users and user groups with different sets of settings and permissions
Mobile app-
Data historian
Storage of data from selected meters and indicators for historical analytics
30 days
Communication interface for process level
Wide array of protocols (Modbus, Profibus, DLMS/COSEM, BACnet) and analogue signal reading
Communication interface for IT level
Data exchange interfaces (MQTT, REST, HTTP) and customized plugins
Process control (I/O)
Process control via existing protocols and direct control signal exchange
Connection with multiple clients
Simultaneous monitoring and management of a large number of prosumers via one central system
FlexOffer Agent
Module enabling demand response generation and execution via FlexOffer protocol