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to go beyond for our cause,
our industry, and our team.

A hundred hours of knowledge


We know – and knowledge is learned, so we encourage broadening the skillsets and expertise of our employees, whether it is improving technical or business competences. Through our robust career-long training and education fund, we offer continuous learning opportunities, where each employee has up to hundred hours each year for any educational program on company time and budget on top of their regularly assigned trainings. We dedicate around 2 % of our annual revenue to education and knowledge, so as the company grows, so does our drive to improve.

Conferences, seminars, on- and off-line workshops, we seize every opportunity to collect knowledge, as we are eager to keep up with the everchanging industry and to set standards of excellence. Our history is deeply rooted in academia and the desire of researchers to use their skills to improve the industrial world at large has never gone away. It is passed on through generations and everyone at INEA still shares our founders’ urge to put the abstract into reality.


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100% owned by employees


We did not become the largest 100% employee-owned company in the country because we wanted to change our culture, but because we wanted to keep it. Each employee can now join the ownership cooperative and benefit from the company they actively contribute to and help develop. Employee-owners get a one-person-one-vote say in important strategic decisions of the company, along with electing the executive management of the company and cooperative every 4 and 5 years. With this, the goals of INEA are always aligned with the goals of its people – because time at the office should not be spent, it should be lived.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), on which our internal ownership system is based, are common in the US and the UK and are slowly making their way over to Europe. Based on years of real-world data, internally owned companies perform better, are more resilient to crises and tend to provide positive effects for the local community in which they exist.

Shares are automatically distributed among the employee-owners based on their job position and tenure – a shorthand for their contribution to the company. The shares are paid out using the added value created each year and automatically redistributed when somebody either leaves or retires. This way, we ensure that ownership is accessible to all employees regardless of their income or seniority, and that no monetary investment is needed or lost during difficult times.

Win as a team
every step of the way


It is easy to work on something you believe in, and even easier to do it with people you enjoy. It is hard to find indifference in our team, because each and every one of us is deeply invested in something, be it their area of expertise or their work environment in general. We make a clear distinction between work and play, but still offer an environment where we enjoy our work and want to actively contribute. This makes it simple to let our creative minds find solutions untethered by micromanagement, because everyone is grounded by their own internal sense of responsibility and pride in their work.

We solve the seemingly unsolvable together – driven by our collective ambition and personal zest to always improve. Those that see themselves in this approach to work will find in INEA something much more satisfying than just a paycheck. They will find a place to funnel their creative juice to solve problems that matter, build relationships, learn from each other’s perspectives, and win as a team.


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Where creative ideas
come to life


The best ideas are those that solve real problems, but they always start somewhere in the abstract. To get further from just an idea, we provide our employees with a creative outlet for pitching new ideas and working on them outside the time and financial constraints of a project.

The group is open to employees from all parts of INEA– including engineers, technicians, students, and administrative staff – but notably excluding management, so the environment is pressure-free by design. After being developed to a proposal phase, ideas go through an internal review process and are allocated a time, place, and a budget to grow. We are proud to say that several improvements to both engineering work and life at INEA came from Creative Lab.

Students are
an integral part of INEA


INEA is led by engineers from top to bottom, many of whom have been with us since their student years. Most of our top and middle management started here as students and went through the phases from solving the curious to tackling the most crucial challenges, growing as professionals and leaders in the process.

We offer student work and many interesting opportunities (and apprenticeship and mentorship) for research projects, bachelor’s, and master’s theses, as well as helping to execute on your own ideas – in the past, these have bloomed into anything from independent projects to PhD dissertations. We are open to accepting any ambitious engineer, regardless of the stage of their studies, because we believe that while academic education gives you a strong foundation, the best experience is earned in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our doors are always open to those who are willing. Even if we aren’t actively looking to fill a role that fits you exactly, chances are that a project somewhere is aching for a creative mind to challenge. Send us an e-mail with your CV and a cover letter describing what you are looking for (in terms of job description, technologies you want to work with, and type of contract). We will get back to you and see if there is a spot for you under our sun.
We will get back to you by the time the job posting closes or shortly thereafter. If we are a match, you will be invited for an interview or two – to see if you are a good fit for us both technically and personally, and so you can see if we are indeed what you’re looking for. Afterwards, we will sign some papers, set a start date, you will be assigned a mentor, and the next chapter of your career can officially begin.
It is a question too complex to answer for everyone, but we are proud to say that we are near the top of best paying employers in Slovenia by average salary. We have a transparent compensation system with opportunities to increase your take-home pay with performance bonuses, raises, and promotions, all in line with your development as an engineer and as a leader. We do our best to maximise compensation through annual vacation stipends (regres), 13th salaries, and Christmas bonuses. Every eligible employee can also become an owner of the company through the ESOP mechanism and get additional dividends when the year goes exceptionally well.
Our headquarters and largest workshop are located in the Stegne business district north-east of Ljubljana, just off the north highway ring. We are 700 m away from a train stop, 600 m away from a bus (LPP line 8) stop, and 500 m away from the highway. If you choose to arrive by car, we have free parking with chargers for electric vehicles, as well as a conveniently placed Avant2Go car sharing spot around the corner.
Short answer: it depends. Long answer: we work mostly with international customers, where the language of communication is usually English. We are also international ourselves, with employees coming from all over Europe and speaking many languages, although chats at the coffee machine still usually take place in Slovenian. Unless the job post requires it explicitly, you should be fine with a professional level of English. This proficiency will be handy next time you travel on site for a project or visit a conference, anyway.
Of course, our work time is flexible, and we can accommodate any schedule if you can manage all your responsibilities. We can arrange a casual student work relationship or a more regular schedule, as well as a formal apprenticeship if your studies require it. As your studies near their end, we are happy to cooperate on a thesis for any level of study and discuss an employment contract afterwards.

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